Life is about creating yourself.

I got to see The Millionairess set up today! It looks amazing! I can’t wait until the first on stage rehearsal on May 30th. 

The Courthouse Theatre

Yesterday was my first chance to see a show at The Courthouse Theatre in Niagara-on-the-Lake. It’s a great space, that has housed some pretty amazing productions, including this seasons: A Man and Some Women, Hedda Gabler, The Millionairess and Trouble in Tahiti. 

A Man and Some Women is a fantastic parlour drama about early 20th century societies gender roles and expectations. The importance and distribution of money and power, even within a tight knit family. 

It was so great to see Sharry Flett in the role of Elizabeth Shannon. Ms.Flett led my manners of the mandate workshop last semester in my Shaw class, taught by Barbara Worthy. We had the opportunity to try on costumes and accessories of the era, and learn the etiquette and social practices of the time. This workshop is available to the public and to school groups who are touring the theatre, such a fun experience! 

Yesterday was teachers day at The Shaw festival! They had workshops for arts and language teachers… in voice, directing, bucket drumming, flocking, mime etc. 

I had the opportunity to take a workshop called “Directing the Chorus”, lead by the wonderful Marc Richard. We learned about view points and the importance of artistic interpretation for teaching students theatre, especially in directing school musical theatre productions.

We did activities to heighten our awareness of the ensemble and to create a trusting, synchronized collective. It was such a treat to have my former professor, Glenys McQueen- Fuentes, also participating in the workshop and instructing one herself. 

The education department is such a wonderful jewel within The Shaw Festival’s mission. They work to bring in not only students, but also teachers, to educate them on the importance of encouraging creativity and art within our schools. Coming from the DART department, which is so closely combine with the Drama in Education and Society program, I know the struggles teachers have in incorporating drama and art into the curriculum. This was a wonderful program which gives a brief synopsis of different and exciting ways to teach and direct theatre for students from K-12. 

My Day :

Today was so wonderful because: 

a) The Millionairess had their first full run today! It was brilliant! 

b) Present Laughter began their tech cue runs…. also brilliant! 

I am so lucky to be involved in these productions, with some of the most amazingly talented folks… on and off stage.